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Pierre Boucher

Patriotic Writer

In 1663, Pierre Boucher began writing his Histoire véritable et naturelle des mœurs & productions du Pays de la Nouvelle France, vulgairement dite Le Canada. He wrote this book for two reasons.

First, to meet the queries of the courtiers of Louis XIV that he had met two years previously. Many people had asked him to describe his new country.

But his most important goal was to convince the French to immigrate to Canada. In his book, he described all the resources found here, noting in passing the benefits that could easily be gained.

This was the first book of propaganda stressing the benefits of living in Canada. At the time the book was published, he had already lived here for nearly thirty years.

Others had written before him about Canada. Sagard, Champlain and the Jesuits had long preceded him. However, Sagard had come to Canada for only nine months, the time required to write his book and to return to France. The Jesuit order in France published annually the Relations, reports of its missionaries, many of whom also returned to France. Their goal was to generate vocations and to raise funds for missions. Champlain was a prolific writer, recounting his travels and explorations, but when he died in Quebec City, in 1635, he had no property in Canada, and his home, his wife, his estates and the majority of his assets were all located in France.

Therefore, Pierre Boucher can claim the title of being the first Canadian author.

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