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Pierre Boucher

Town-planner in the Vanguard

In 1667, he left his comfortable position of Governor of Three Rivers to accomplish a dream dear to his heart. At age 45, he wished to develop a seigneury of his own design.

In 1673, on April 4, he met with 38 carefully selected settlers and presented them with land titles in his seigneury of Iles Percées. As Pierre Boucher farmed his own track of land, the seigneurial duties were set to serve the communal needs.

The seigneury developed peacefully and through mutual support. It served as a model for the development of other seigneuries in New France.

In 1686, Governor Marquis Jacques René Brisay Denonville reported to the Court: "This is the family that has done the best work for this colony, having neglected nothing necessary to advance its welfare. The father was among the earliest founders of the colony. His seigneury is one of the most beautiful in the country. "

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