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Pierre Boucher

Diplomat in spite of himself

In 1661, the Canadian colony was in a poor state and needed the help of France. The new governor Dubois Davaugour decided to send an envoy to the Court of Louis XIV. The choice of the special envoy was made by mutual agreement between the Jesuits and prominent citizens.

Pierre Boucher was chosen for this delicate mission. As a long standing Canadian, he was best placed to know the country well. On the recommendation of the former governor, Mr. de Lauson, he had recently been awarded a title of nobility. On October 22, he left for France; this was his first voyage to France since his arrival in Canada in 1635.

He had rubbed shoulders with several governors and learned the ways and manners of the aristocrats. His old friend Father Paul Le Jeune facilitated his work in Paris. He met with Colbert, the Prince de Condé and Louis XIV. To Colbert, he described the wealth of his country and explained the reasons why it should be preserved for France.

He evidently managed to convince those that he met since he returned, in 1662, with 100 soldiers, and supplies of food and ammunitions. The king was now taking seriously the fate of this new country.

In his Memoirs of 1695, he wrote in a very understated way of his meeting with the king: "I had the honor to speak to the King; he asked me about the state of the country. I gave him a faithful account, and His Majesty promised to rescue the country and take it under his protection; and this he did".?

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