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Pierre Boucher

Skilled negotiator

Three Rivers in 1653. Several hundred Amerindians surrounded the fort defended by some forty or so men, most either teenagers or elderly, under the command of Pierre Boucher.

Meanwhile, in Quebec City, people stopped constructions and prepared to leave New France. If Three Rivers fell, the only alternative left to them would be to leave for France.

After several days of siege, the Amerindian leaders called for talks. Pierre Boucher left the fort, alone, so as not to show the weakness of his position. Having lived among natives for four years when he arrived in New France, he knew their language, customs and traditions. He always showed them a great deal of respect.

After a long parley, he returned to the fort with hostages ? six children of Indian leaders ? to ensure compliance with the terms of their agreement. As well, they returned to Pierre Boucher all their prisoners and agreed to travel to Quebec City with gifts to negotiate peace with Governor Jean de Lauzon.

A humble man, Pierre Boucher never recorded and talked about these negotiations. Nobody knows how, under siege and in a weak position, he managed to turn the tide in his favor and negotiate peace with much more formidable and numerous opponents.

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